Sensei Chris

Sensei Chris

Hello and thank you for visiting the Wellness Resource Center Aikido page. 

Whether you are a long time Aikidoka or brand new to martial arts and/or Aikido, I encourage you to come for a visit. What you will find is a beautiful setting and a warm community. Whether or not you decide to join us, I know you will not regret considering WRC as your next learning space for self-development.

WRC Aikido was founded by Sensei Don Cardoza as part of the Wellness Resource Center in 1986. At that time we were also training in Boston with Sensei Gleason at the Shobu Aikido of Boston affiliated with ASU/Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. We were called Shobu Aikido of Southeastern Mass and then became known as the Wellness Resource Center Aikido Dojo. Prior to his passing in 2012, Sensei Cardoza appointed Michael Pleis (Yondan) Sensei. When we lost Pleis, Sensei in December of 2016, we were very fortunate to be a robust community moving forward through the art.  

My Martial Arts training began in my teens with Karate and Kung Fu.  I migrated to Aikido when I had the good fortune of discovering WRC Aikido in 1998.  Having trained in different styles and schools, I was very much looking for focus. I was not looking for Aikido specifically but rather a Martial Artist whose character and spirit embodied the noble ideals of traditional martial arts.  I was looking for a Martial Way by which to grow as person.  Don Cardoza, Sensei, was very much the embodiment of higher martial ideals and practiced and taught those ideals through the art of Aikido. 

I received my san dan (third degree black belt) from Cardoza, Sensei in 2011.  I was honored to also have John Almeida, Konsho, and Haruyoshi Ito, Master Instructor International Shintaido Federation, review each of my dan awards.  

Benson Spivey, Sensei

As WRC Aikido Dojo Cho, I am fortunate to enjoy the support and camaraderie of fellow Sensei, Benson Spivey, whose substantial background and practice in Iwama Aikido brings extraordinary depth and scope to our practice.  

Please check our class schedule and come to observe a class at your convenience.

Chris McEnroe, Sensei     

WRC Aikido

Sensei Don Cardoza

Sensei Don Cardoza

Mike Pleiss, Sensei