First month of Training is absolutely free. 

Dear Student

We would like to welcome you to our dojo. Contained on this site is information, which will make your practice safe and enjoyable. Our dojo has been in existence since 1986 and we stress a policy of personal development, mutual respect and community service. If at any time you have a problem, please feel free to set up a meeting with me personally. Aikido is a way that will change your life. Good luck in your training and welcome to our community.

Chris McEnroe, Sensei (Please click here to go to Sensei's bio)

“In Aikido training, we learn from everyone. We learn from the most experienced people, but we also learn from new students. Everyone is connected through the heart and develops a mutual understanding. It is important to create a place where that can happen.”
— Linda Holiday, Journey to the Heart of Aikido: The Teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei